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Policy Against Mercury Dental Fillings Paves Way for Victory Worldwide (Amalgam Warning)

Dental amalgam, misleadingly marketed as "silver fillings," is a risky filling material containing 50% mercury — a neurotoxin. Consumers for Dental Choice, led by executive director Charlie Brown, has a track record of success in fighting these mercury fillings, succeeding in: Abolishing the gag rule that prohibited dentists from discussing amalgam's mercury with their patients Winning back the dental licenses of persecuted mercury-free dentists Convincing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to mandate amalgam waste control measures Getting an amalgam reduction requirement into an international treaty, the Minamata Convention on Mercury But there was always one major barrier to mercury-free dentistry in the U.S.: the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For three decades, the FDA had been dodging its duty to classify — that is, issue a rule for — amalgam. Then Consumers for Dental Choice took action. After assembling plaintiffs, Consumers for Dental Choice sued the FDA

10 Best Dental Clinics for Braces in Singapore for 2023

Looking for the best clinic to do your braces in Singapore? Below, we have compiled a list of popular dental clinics that provide braces in Singapore. The compilation of this list was based on Google search results (incognito mode) and information available on forums, blogs and social media. Do take note that the Google search results may vary based on Google’s search algorithm. While you may wish to go through all your Google search results, you're just going to be either overwhelmed or confused by the information that you have consumed. You will get a list of search results and the top ones are advertisements. Bear in mind that the clinic's high ranking on page 1 and visible advertisements on Google may not be truly reflective of the dental surgeon's skills, experience and also how 'safe' is the surgeon. The dental clinic's ranking and visibility depends on their Google Adwords advertising, Google's search engine algorithms and also can be manipulated by s