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Stem Cell Dental Implants might one day be alternative to Dental Implants and Dentures

Although dental implants have a success rate of more than 95 percent, there is always a risk for complications and infection, including injury to the nerves, sinuses or nasal cavity. In some cases, the implant fails to fuse to the jawbone, or can break or crack. (Chron) - Those seeking treatment for missing teeth can usually expect to replace them with dentures, dental bridges or dental implants. For damaged teeth that can be saved, there are crowns, fillings and root canals. However, researchers are pointing to an alternative to standard forms of treatment — growing or repairing one's own teeth with the use of human stem cells. Dr. David Mooney, bioengineering professor at Harvard University's Wyss Institute, led a study that demonstrated the ability of a low-power laser to trigger human dental stem cells to form dentin, the hard tissue underneath the tooth's enamel. The laser treatments triggered the dentin formation after about 12 weeks, based on high-resolution x-r