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Best Mouthwashes 2022: Bad Breath, Cavities and COVID-19

Brushing and flossing are the cornerstones of a good oral health routine, but it turns out this duo should really be a trinity. Mouthwash is an important final step in any routine, and California-based dentist  Joseph Field , DDS, recommends using it at least once a day—and ideally every time you brush.  Rinsing with mouthwash not only helps release food particles and neutralize odors, but it also plays an important role in preventing plaque. That's because mouthwash kills bacteria, cosmetic dentist  Brian Harris , DDS, tells Health. Although it's a natural part of the mouth's ecosystem, bacteria can turn into plaque when mixed with sugary or starchy foods, according to the  Cleveland Clinic . If it's not removed when soft, the plaque can harden and cause serious  oral health  concerns, like cavities or even gingivitis ( a.k.a inflammation of the gums ). Incorporating a mouthwash into your routine reduces these risks and leaves your breath unbelievably fresh. Like most