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New Policy Against Mercury Dental Fillings Paves Way for Victory Worldwide

Dental amalgam, misleadingly marketed as "silver fillings," is a risky filling material containing 50% mercury — a neurotoxin. Consumers for Dental Choice, led by executive director Charlie Brown, has a track record of success in fighting these mercury fillings, succeeding in: Abolishing the gag rule that prohibited dentists from discussing amalgam's mercury with their patients Winning back the dental licenses of persecuted mercury-free dentists Convincing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to mandate amalgam waste control measures Getting an amalgam reduction requirement into an international treaty, the Minamata Convention on Mercury But there was always one major barrier to mercury-free dentistry in the U.S.: the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For three decades, the FDA had been dodging its duty to classify — that is, issue a rule for — amalgam. Then Consumers for Dental Choice took action. After assembling plaintiffs, Consumers for Dental Choice sued the FDA

Annual Mercury Awareness Week Update 2021

For the 11th consecutive year, we celebrate our annual Mercury Awareness and Mercury-Free Dentistry Week. With us again is Charlie Brown, executive director of Consumers for Dental Choice, and a former attorney general for West Virginia. As in previous years, during this week we will double your donations to Consumers for Dental Choice, matching it dollar for dollar up to $150,000. I'm committed to doing this annual fundraiser because eliminating dental mercury is such an important effort for both human and environmental health. "Huge numbers of people worldwide … die directly from pollution, toxins in the air, toxins in our body. And one of the huge culprits since the Civil War has been dentistry, the dentists who continue to put mercury in the mouth,"  Brown says. Getting mercury out of dentistry has turned out to be a long, hard battle, but Brown perseveres, and thanks to his diligence and networking skills, he's been able to really move the ball forward. More Dent