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Dental Braces Malaysia: Review and Cost 2017 / 2018

If you are looking for a layman's guide on dental braces in Malaysia, we've got you covered.

It is clear from browsing around forums, dental related advertisements and popular dental marketing sites that there is still a lot of confusion and misinformation being spread.

If you think this is TLTR, you can send in a free enquiry on braces related questions.

One of the common causes of confusion is due to the various types of braces available. We have covered the 5 main types of braces below, including the pros and cons; and the cost of each type of braces: 1. Clear aligners e.g. Invisalign Pros:
Nearly invisible, comfortable and removable. Effective at treating mild to moderate tooth crowding but does not treat as effectively as braces.Easier to maintain oral hygiene, no dietary restrictions. No metal to cause abrasions during orthodontic treatment. Less frequent dentist visits. Cons:  Not everyone is a candidate.Expensive but cheaper options are available. Higher relapse rate than br…