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Invisalign vs Zenyum vs Wondersmile: What's the Difference?

If you are considering getting an invisible braces or clear aligners treatment, you've come to the right place. Lately, the number of options for invisible braces and clear aligners have increased, thus making it complicated when it comes to choosing the right one. What are invisible braces? Clear braces are a transparent, plastic alternative to traditional metal braces used to adjust and align teeth. They are removable (unlike metal braces) and work by exerting consistent pressure on your teeth, so they shift and straighten over time. Invisible braces might seem like a modern invention. But in reality, dentists have been using plastic to shift teeth since the end of World War 2. The problem was it wasn’t the most convenient procedure. Given technological constraints, you’d need to visit the dentist every time to get new putty impressions of your teeth. It wasn’t until the advent of 3D-scanning technology, and specialised software that dentists could create accurate digital impress

Dental Implants: What Your Dentist Hasn’t Told You

A female dental patient became a “migrant” between multiple dental offices for months. Several clinics declined to treat her one after another. They were reluctant to take over a failed implant that had been performed elsewhere, or unable to heal her inflamed teeth. Certainly, the patient suffered unspeakably. She couldn’t eat normally—the implant location in her mouth kept getting infected and festering.  At last, after great effort, the patient met with Dr. Ming-Ko Li, executive director of the Association of Asian Reconstructive Dentistry and head of Ricon Dental Clinic in Taiwan. Since the patient had almost used up her limited dental budget, Li chose implant-supported overdenture, which helped her restore her chewing ability and ended her nightmarish experience. In fact, the patient’s experience is far from alone. In dental implant failure cases, many victims would have a torn, swelling pain and biting weakness while eating food. Some are so upset that they feel like snapping the

Top 10 Recommended Dental Clinics in Singapore for 2022

Looking for the best or recommended dental clinic in Singapore? Below, we have compiled related information and a list of popular dental clinics in Singapore. The compilation of this list was based on Google search results (incognito mode), information and reviews available on forums, blogs and social media. Do take note that the Google search results may vary based on Google’s search algorithm. While you may wish to go through all your Google search results, you're just going to be either overwhelmed or confused by the information that you have consumed. You will get a list of search results and the top ones are advertisements (see below for type of Google search results). Bear in mind that the clinic's high ranking on page 1 and visible advertisements on Google may not be truly reflective of the dental surgeon's skills, experience and also how 'safe' is the surgeon. The dental clinic's ranking and online visibility depends on their Google Adwords advertising,

Invisalign Malaysia: Cost and Reviews 2021 / 2022

If you are looking to find the best dental clinic for your Invisalign procedure, you may wish to check out the cost and related reviews from customers who 'have been there, done that'. How Much Does Invisalign Cost in Malaysia? We understand that price is an important consideration, especially for a big life-changing decision like teeth straightening. The cost of Invisalign treatment varies from doctor to doctor and may be dependent on the complexity of your case and your course of treatment. Consultation fees also vary from doctor to doctor. Some may offer a free initial assessment while others may charge a fee. Individual doctors may also offer different payment plans that may mean you need not pay the full amount up front. The pricing information below is based on information available on blogs and the internet. Here is the list. Invisalign in Malaysia from USD1,953 The Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur is home to a number of quality dental clinics p