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Dental Implants: What Your Dentist Hasn’t Told You

A female dental patient became a “migrant” between multiple dental offices for months. Several clinics declined to treat her one after another. They were reluctant to take over a failed implant that had been performed elsewhere, or unable to heal her inflamed teeth. Certainly, the patient suffered unspeakably. She couldn’t eat normally—the implant location in her mouth kept getting infected and festering.  At last, after great effort, the patient met with Dr. Ming-Ko Li, executive director of the Association of Asian Reconstructive Dentistry and head of Ricon Dental Clinic in Taiwan. Since the patient had almost used up her limited dental budget, Li chose implant-supported overdenture, which helped her restore her chewing ability and ended her nightmarish experience. In fact, the patient’s experience is far from alone. In dental implant failure cases, many victims would have a torn, swelling pain and biting weakness while eating food. Some are so upset that they feel like snapping the